Group Clinics

Understanding the Numbers

Learn about the NEW Ball flight laws and add more yards to your drive while using the TrackMan launch monitor.  $50 per student


Couples Only Clinics

Clinics offered to help couples improve the various aspects of the game. Focus on putting, chipping, pitch shots, greenside bunker play as well as the full swing components.  $40 per couple – Offered from 1:00pm – 2:30pm.






Play with a PGA Pro Days

Join one of the Golf Professionals for a casual round of golf. Put a group together or sign up as a single on one of the following dates (7 days in advance by calling the golf shop):

  • Tuesday, March 13th (Ladies Only)                                         9:30am Start off #10
  • Thursday, April 5th (Men Only)                                               11:30am Start off #1
  • Tuesday, May 15th (Ladies Only)                                             9:30am Start off #10
  • Tuesday, July 17th (Ladies Only)                                             9:30am Start off #10
  • Thursday, August 16th (Men Only)                                          11:30am Start off #1

Grapes & Golf– Ladies Only

Led by Scott Leritz from 5:00PM-6:30PM

$20 per student

Join Scott for a fun and relaxing time while improving your game. Learn about swing techniques for certain areas of the game. Sample the latest in wine offerings from Royal Oaks C.C.

Sign up one month in advance of the session by accessing ForeTees.

  • Wednesday, May 23rd                       “Full Swing Fundamentals”
  • Wednesday, June 20th                      “Eliminate The 3 Putt”
  • Wednesday, July 18th                        “Chipping Made Easier”
  • Wednesday, August 15th                   “Up & Out Of The Bunker”




Blast Golf 360 integrates unique motion capture technologies with an easy-to-use application that provides everything necessary to get better. From accurate motion capture data to actionable insights, Blast Golf 360 is a one-stop-shop for improvement. For more info and to purchase a Blast Golf 360 sensor click here


Blast Connect provides an integrated suite of software analysis, coaching, communication and management tools that empower the daily drive to improve. Blast Connect integrates Blast motion capture technology and supports third party motion capture systems.