Vancouver Women’s Connection

Sean- Thanks again for everything. Thanks for being so accommodating to all our last minute needs. It was awesome! Thanks for helping to make it a wonderful event. Looking forward to working with you again in the future!

Hi Sean, Want you to know how grateful we are for the hosting of Lora and Derek’s wedding here at ROCC. Thank you for all your coordination and presence for the event. It meant a lot to them both.

I just want to THANK all of you for the help with our tournament yesterday.

We raised over $34,000 for our non profit designees … and managed to get the Vancouver Police Chief and the Clark County Sheriff at the same place at the same time (which is rare)!

Marcia and Sean – Thanks for all of the extra effort and the long day!! From what I could see – things went perfectly! I had a chance to review the video production and the drone videos from the tournament. They look very cool. He was able to capture some outstanding golf course pictures and video (starting at 5:30am). I will coordinate some time for you guys to review later.

Scott – Please share with your pro shop staff and the bag crew my sincere appreciation. Those guys are simply awesome. They ran their butts off all day and helped out with things I know are not within their job descriptions. LOTS of compliments from the players and sponsors on how you all conduct a tournament. Nick was awesome as usual.

Mike – I just simply owe you lunch for the next year. You always step up and make things easier for us during set up. I think we were able to get most of the signs, flamingo’s, gators, etc picked up by 7:00pm last night. I know our large banners were still out. I was not sure what to do with your framing … so I left those for you. Hope that is ok!

Alan – as always, the course was perfect and I appreciate you dealing with all of our oddities (4 pin placements on one hole). I do owe you an apology for the alligators on #5. We had the floating gators in the ponds on #5 and #12. We added weights to them so it would be easy to retrieve. That of course failed miserably on #5. For some reason they were able to float to the other side. Rogue gators. Although it seemed like a cool idea on paper … I am probably never putting anything in the ponds again!! Sorry about that!!!

Thank you all.


Too frequently management and staff at a private club are showered with concerns or complaints regarding rules, regulations, service and expectations. This instead is a well- deserved note to shower the club management and staff with praise.

My husband, Steve, and I along with other couples attended the Winemaker’s Dinner the first of July. Having attended previous dinners like this at the Club and at other venues I was not too excited to go. What a mistake that would have been!

Our respective experience, along with others that evening, was a “blown out success!!” Why was this dinner so special and others often not as noteworthy? We are fortunate to have a brilliant chef and cooking staff delivering culinary excellence. However, one can be given the finest of food, carefully prepped and executed with flare upon presentation, and still find the diner left short of a “great experience.” So what made this time so different and special?

The Winemaker’s dinner hit every note with perfect pitch because it was orchestrated to perfection. Sean Osaki was the conductor giving seamless direction and attention to the staff and diners. RJ and his crew composed the score along with the winemakers, with their collaborated perfect pairings of deliciously bottled goodness to underscore this fantastic food. Without a conductor directing the “symphony players staff” this meal could have hit several sour notes as we have experienced prior.

Not this time! We sat back, relaxed and were waited upon with expert precision without losing a beat in having great conversations, eating one of the Club’s best fully set menus of scallops, prawns, flat iron steak and succulent medium rare cooked to perfection racks of lamb. The dessert was gorgeous. Not once did any individual at our table have to request from our servers an additional piece of flatware removed from the prior course. Women were served first, plates were delivered from the left and removed from the right, serviettes were refolded and placed at our settings when we left the table, and all the time the staff moved with precision as Sean as conductor directed the scene. No detail was omitted.

Refreshing and wonderful! It was a dining experience every Club member should have been able to partake in and walk out the front door as we did, with smiles on our face, talking days after with friends about the food and experience. Please pass along our gratitude for the stellar work and professionalism that was folded together into an exquisite dining experience. A perfect score on execution and delivery.


Good morning Marcia, Sean and RJ,

I want to thank you for all your help this last weekend with the rehearsal dinner and wedding planning, everything was wonderful. This was definitely a rush wedding, you helped it go smoothly.

Marcia – thank you for your suggestions on vendors, planning ideas and offers of help. Thank you also, for just chatting with me about the rehearsal dinner and wedding in general, it helped me put things into place.

Sean – thank you for all your ideas and planning of the rehearsal dinner. The room looked wonderful and we received many compliments. I also appreciate your patience when we got a little off schedule, that was the bride and groom’s fault but I think they deserve a pass. Thank you also for putting up with my checking, double checking and “what the heck”, let’s check it one more time. You may not have known this before but I can be a little OCD, but in a good way. Your thoughts and suggestions for the wedding were also a great help.

Chef RJ – The food was wonderful, we received many compliments from start to the finish. The preparation and presentation were once again, fantastic. I must say, the desserts were a great hit, some people wouldn’t leave the dessert table. The rehearsal dinner was enjoyed so much that we were still getting compliments when we met for Sunday brunch. The wedding desserts were also a great hit, seriously, a few people wouldn’t let anyone else near it.

The servers were very helpful and attentive to everyone. I don’t think anyone had to ask for anything, whatever they wanted seemed to show up. I have always appreciated our staff and they definitely helped make this evening wonderful.

Thank you again, see you soon

VP, Human Resources; Government Affairs

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us arrange the sales banquet we had at ROCC last week. Everyone thought dinner and dessert was amazing. The service was also outstanding. I have not been able to spend much time at the club in the last couple of years because of my young kids. Previously my experience with the servers was not very consistent. But at the banquet and then at last weekend’s seafood buffet we had great service! Have a great weekend, Heidi

For more information about hosting events at Royal Oaks, please contact James Burback at (360) 256-1250 or via email at James@RoyalOaks.net.