Course Tour & Flyover

Hole 1: Early Warning

Par 4 | 368 Yards
Men's Handicap: 9 / Ladies Handicap: 11

Tee shot placement is a must on this hole. The green opens up from the left side of this fairway. Anything right makes for a tough par. Green slopes from right to left.

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Hole 2: Slicers Folly

Par 5 | 513 Yards
Men's Handicap: 13 / Ladies Handicap: 7

Long hitters will make a go at this green in two. Big fir trees along the right side of this fairway help make an interesting second shot. "Don't get greedy." Small well-bunkered green.

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Hole 3: Burnt Bridge

Par 4 | 418 Yards
Men's Handicap: 5 / Ladies Handicap: 3

Burnt Bridge Creek guards the left side of this fairway off the tee. Avoid the back half of this green at all costs. This is the most severe green on the golf course. "Have Fun."

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Hole 4: Straight Arrow

Par 4 | 445 Yards
Men's Handicap: 1 / Ladies Handicap: 5

Hit it long and hit it straight off this tee. You'll need both. Second shot is long and to a small green. The green is flanked by a creek on the left and a bunker on the right.

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Hole 5: Waterloo

Par 3 | 160 Yards
Men's Handicap: 17 / Ladies Handicap: 17

The shortest hole on the course. Pick the club that puts you on the same tier as the pin. There should be lots of birdies!

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Hole 6: Longworth

Par 5 | 535 Yards
Men's Handicap: 7 / Ladies Handicap: 1

Favor the right side on both the tee shot and second shot. Short third shot to a green that you can roll the ball up to. Some long hitters may reach this in two.

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Hole 7: Looks Easy

Par 4 | 318 Yards
Men's Handicap: 15 / Ladies Handicap: 13

Most players will use an iron off of this tee. Hitting the fairway is a must. Second shot is a short iron to a well-bunkered green.

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Hole 8: The Chute

Par 3 | 197 Yards
Men's Handicap: 11 / Ladies Handicap: 15

Up-hill long iron shot to a two-tier green. This hole always plays longer than the yardage shows. Important to keep the ball below the pin.

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Hole 9: Lonely Apple

Par 4 | 427 Yards
Men's Handicap: 3 / Ladies Handicap: 9

Probably the toughest hole on the course. Dog leg left with O.B. runs the entire left side. Long second shot to a severe sloping green from left to right. Par is a very good score.

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Hole 10: Acorn Alley

Par 4 | 315 Yards
Men's Handicap: 18 / Ladies Handicap: 14

Most players will hit iron off this tee. Hitting this fairway is a must. Green has a severe slope from back to front. Keep it below the hole. "Lots of birdies."

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Hole 11: The Grandy

Par 4 | 431 Yards
Men's Handicap: 6 / Ladies Handicap: 2

Another straight, long par 4. The long hitters will drive on top of a plateau fairway and have a mid-iron to the green. Big firs on the right side of the fairway make for sure bogey.

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Hole 12: The Pond

Par 3 | 188 Yards
Men's Handicap: 14 / Ladies Handicap: 18

The new lake makes for a very intimidating tee shot. Club selection is at its premium here. Watch for the swirling wind. "A beautiful hole."

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Hole 13: The Monster

Par 5 | 555 Yards
Men's Handicap: 4 / Ladies Handicap: 4

A great three-shot par 5 hole that some people feel is unfair. The demand is on the position of your second shot. You must be left. The fairway bunker is a great target. Any shot to the right must deal with a gigantic Oak tree on the corner. Be careful with this green.

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Hole 14: Gully

Par 4 | 451 Yards
Men's Handicap: 2 / Ladies Handicap: 6

Another long par 4 with a very tight landing area. The trees along the right side are thick. The green is guarded by a deep bunker front left. Another sneaky fast green from right to left.

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Hole 15: Forty Firs

Par 5 | 527 Yards
Men's Handicap: 8 / Ladies Handicap: 8

A long drive down the left side could make this hole. A drive to the right makes for a tough par. Second shot needs to be positioned to the right portion of this fairway. From there the green opens up for an easy short iron shot. The green is relatively flat.

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Hole 16: Sweet Sixteen

Par 3 | 217 Yards
Men's Handicap: 16 / Ladies Handicap: 16

This long iron tee shot needs to be very accurate. The green is protected by two bunkers located front left and front right. Par is a good score.

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Hole 17: Gopher Broke

Par 4 | 420 Yards
Men's Handicap: 10 / Ladies' Handicap: 10

A tee shot for best results should be from left to right, away from the fairway trap on the left and around the Oak tree on the right. The green is flanked by bunkers front left and entire right side. The green is one of the few flat greens on the course.

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Hole 18: Headin' Home

Par 4 | 415 Yards
Men's Handicap: 12 / Ladies Handicap: 12

This tee shot is through a very narrow opening of Oak trees. A bunker guards the landing area on the left side of the fairway. The green has a good deal of slope from back to front. The green also is protected by bunkers back left and both front left and right.

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